Discover the Best Casinos in London

Casinos are popular around the world, and it’s easy to see why. These are venues where you really try your luck to beat the house and win big. Not only that but thanks to a deluge of movies, casinos are also seen as glitzy, glamourous places to be where everyone and everything looks absolutely stunning.

Many major cities around the world has some exceptional casinos. Think Monte Carlo or Las Vegas. But London is also right up there with the best. Home to many gambling venues, London’s casinos make for a great night out, and we’re going to look at some of the best ones.

Top London casinos to visit

With the UK Gambling Commission overseeing everything casino, you can rest assured that wherever you go in London, you’ll be treated to a safe and fair gambling experience. However, there are different types and styles of casino available in the UK’s capital city. So, let’s have a look at some of the best ones.

London Hippodrome

Originally a music hall in the 1900s, the Hippodrome actually had Charlie Chaplin perform in the very first show at the venue. Later on, it was changed into a nightclub where it famously hosted a whole raft of celebrities such as Frank Sinatra, The Jackson 5 and more. It’s actually one of the biggest casinos in London and subsequently has a lot to offer any players.

In fact, it’s so large that it really houses three different casinos across the five floors of the building. The Grand Casino is the one located on the ground floor and this is really the centre of the casino too. It’s a massive circular gaming floor with everything from slots to table games. Lola’s is found on the lower ground floor and is similar to a speakeasy, and offers a buzzing vibe for those that visit. The Craybourn Club is on the third floor and has the most relaxed ambiance of the three options. Plus, it’s also by the smoking terrace which makes it a popular option for many a player.

Not only does it have three casinos, the Hippodrome, as its history suggests, still offers fun entertainment options outside the casino. There’s a 300+ seat theatre where you can watch Magic Mike Live. And, there is a stunning steak restaurant if you want to splash out after a win and indulge yourself. Better still, the Hippodrome is located on Leicester Square, so you can go for a film or theatre performance once you’re done at the tables too.

Maxim’s Casino

One of the older casinos in London, Maxim’s was originally belt for John Forster in 1862. In fact, it was labelled as having built for a gentleman, by gentlemen, and as such, remains one of the classier establishments of its kind in London.

It’s not a large casino by any means, but it does cover two floors with various intimate gaming areas which make this a little more personable when compared to the larger casinos in the city. The casino is located inside a house and this can still be seen in the decor and style of the casino. For instance, the main gaming room is actually the old drawing room. There’s still a marble fireplace along with pearwood panelling. Another of the popular gaming rooms is the original glass-roofed library which makes for a stunning gaming experience.

Don’t worry though. While the venue itself retains the old-school charm of its younger days, Maxim’s management has continuously upgraded the gaming system to ensure a modern gaming environment. Electronic games like roulette and slots were introduced in 2019 and make this a much more well-rounded casino than you might expect. Additionally, Maxim’s is open 24/7 except for Christmas Day. It’s also got a license for late food and drink including premium wines and rare whiskeys.

Empire Casino

Just like the Hippodrome, Empire Casino is also on Leicester Square. This grandiose casino is one that’s hard to walk past. It’s one of the best options for players of any budget, catering to students and high rollers alike. Even then, it still offers a luxurious gambling experience to all who enter its doors.

While the Hippodrome is large, Empire is larger still. It has an impressive 55,000 square feet of gaming space making it the largest of all casinos in the city. Originally, this as a ballroom and theatre, but it was turned into a casino only recently, in 2007. It’s owned and operated by Caesar’s Entertainment which explains the delightfully over-the-top decor and the lush look. In fact, it would look right at home on the Vegas Strip.

With 50 tables and more than 100 slots, there is a lot of gambling to be had. And if you get board, there are five bars to enjoy as well.


When we think of London casinos, many think of the Ritz, but it’s Aspinall’s that makes this list simply for the prestige it brings. Arguably, this is the most exclusive of all the Mayfair casinos along with being one of the most elegant. Inside the rather discreet exterior lies a lush, exclusive gaming floor that brings to mind many a James Bond movie. It oozes class and gives off the vibe of tuxedos and cigars. There are chandeliers, silk and velvet here all through the casino too.

Of course, it’s not quite as prestigious as it once was. Aspinall’s heyday was undoubtedly in the 70s. Back then, there were many high-profile players spending their time there including the Sultan of Brunei. Part of the reason for its popularity back then, was in its discretion, and it still maintains this in modern days.

Final thoughts

And there you have it. Those are some of the best London casinos available. Each one offers a stunning ambiance, reputable croupiers and a great evening out.

Of course, it should also be pointed out that while land-based venues have a lot to offer, online casinos are also great too. These are more convenient, can be played from anywhere and offer an impressively large selection of games. But, it’s more important to play somewhere reputable when accessing online casinos. This is why playing at trusted casinos such as those listed by Best Casino Sites is the best way forward.

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