Embark on a Foodie Adventure In Soho’s Dining Unique Culinary Scene

Nestled in the heart of London, Soho has long stood as the epicentre of the city’s culinary revolution. This neighbourhood, with its cobblestone streets and neon lights, offers a mosaic of dining experiences, blending traditional British fare with the exotic zest of international cuisines. It’s here that food lovers can embark on a journey through taste, exploring dishes that narrate the history of this vibrant area. From the historic pubs dating back to the 18th century to the contemporary gourmet eateries that line its streets, Soho serves as a melting pot of cultures, each adding a unique flavour to its gastronomic identity.

Donia Restaurant

Among the constellation of eateries, Donia, Soho, emerges as a beacon of culinary innovation. Florence Mae Maglanoc and Omar Shah, the dynamic duo behind the Maginhawa Group, have embarked on a quest to etch Filipino cuisine onto London’s gastronomic map. With their latest venture, Donia, they weave together the rustic charm of Filipino street food with the finesse of British cooking techniques, creating a menu that sings with creativity and flavour. The eatery, nestled in the bustling Kingly Court, has become a sanctuary for those craving a taste of the Philippines, with dishes that speak volumes of the archipelago’s rich culinary heritage.

The small-plate starters, such as the crunchy croquetas stuffed with pickled mushrooms, transport diners to the vibrant streets of Manila, offering a silent ode to the country’s love for bold and tangy flavours. Meanwhile, the chicken offal skewers, glazed with a sweet barbecue sauce and accompanied by a cucumber vinegar dip, reimagine a Filipino street food staple with a touch of British elegance. Donia’s menu, though concise, unravels the complexity of its dishes in each bite, from the prawn and pork dumplings swimming in a brown butter lime sauce to the crispy-skinned pork belly that pays homage to the traditional Léchon.

The Devonshire

This recent addition to Soho’s dining landscape epitomises this blend of tradition and modernity. Spearheaded by Oisin Rogers and Charlie Carroll, The Devonshire is a passion project that brings together decades of pub management experience with the culinary genius of Ashley Palmer-Watts. Situated just off Piccadilly Circus, this establishment is a homage to British gastronomy, featuring a menu that sources its meats from Scottish estates and prepares them with a reverence for traditional British cooking techniques.

The restaurant’s centrepiece, a wood-burning grill and oven, adds a theatrical flair to the dining experience, reminiscent of the intensity and passion that fuels Soho’s culinary scene. The Devonshire’s commitment to celebrating British food is evident in every dish, from the tender beef fillet accompanied by duck-fat chips to the beef suet and Guinness pudding that seems to leap straight out of a Dickens novel. This commitment has not only earned The Devonshire accolades but also made it a magnet for Michelin chefs and food enthusiasts, all drawn to its unique blend of warmth and culinary excellence.

Dear Jackie

In the heart of Soho, another gem that embodies the district’s quirky spirit is Dear Jackie. Nestled within the opulent Broadwick Soho, Dear Jackie is an ode to the vibrant soul of Soho, transporting its guests from the streets of London to the charm of Sicily with its seductive Murano lighting and maroon silk walls. The restaurant’s culinary narrative is as compelling as its décor, offering a menu that starts with light and refreshing starters like seabass crudo, moving on to classic pasta and sumptuous mains. The seamless transition from one course to another, culminating in a decadent lemon crème brûlée, is a testament to Dear Jackie’s prowess in creating an immersive dining experience that’s both luxurious and intimate.

Bébé Bob

This restaurant, with its art deco glamour and a menu that pays homage to the classics’ connection to Bob Bob Ricard, marks another chapter in Soho’s culinary saga. it encapsulates the essence of a bygone era while appealing to contemporary tastes. The rotisserie chicken, a star on the menu, served with the finesse of silver service, embodies Bébé Bob’s commitment to quality and flavour. The restaurant’s ambience, reminiscent of the Roaring Twenties, combined with its focus on fine dining, makes Bébé Bob a notable addition to Soho’s diverse dining scene.

The Union Club

This restaurant, with its cosy atmosphere and menu that celebrates British cuisine, offers a more laid-back dining experience. The pleasant staff and the comfortable décor make it a perfect spot to unwind after a busy day. The Union Club’s ability to offer good food at reasonable prices adds another layer to Soho’s culinary diversity, providing a space where simplicity and quality coexist.

As we delve deeper into the heart of Soho’s gastronomic offerings, it becomes clear that this district is not just about food; it’s about stories, experiences, and a shared love for culinary exploration. Each restaurant, with its unique character and menu, contributes to the tapestry of Soho’s dining scene, making it a destination where every visit promises a new adventure.


Soho’s culinary scene is a dynamic and evolving landscape, where the past and present merge to create an unforgettable dining experience. From the pioneering efforts of establishments like Donia to introduce Filipino cuisine to the traditional British elegance of The Devonshire, the quirky charm of Dear Jackie, and the nostalgic glamour of Bébé Bob, Soho proves itself to be a culinary haven in the heart of London. Each restaurant not only serves food but also crafts experiences, inviting diners to explore the rich diversity of global gastronomy woven into the fabric of this historic neighbourhood. As we journey through Soho’s streets, we’re reminded that dining here is not just about satisfying hunger—it’s about embarking on a gastronomic adventure that tantalizes the taste buds and enriches the soul.


  1. What makes Soho a unique dining destination? Soho offers a blend of historic and innovative global cuisines.
  2. Can I find traditional British food in Soho? Yes, places like The Devonshire serve traditional British fare.
  3. Is Soho suitable for exploring international cuisines? Absolutely, with restaurants like Donia offering Filipino cuisine.
  4. Are there any late-night dining options in Soho? Dear Jackie offers reservations as late as 10.45pm on weekends.
  5. Does Soho offer dining experiences for special occasions? Bébé Bob provides a glamorous setting ideal for special events.

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