Get Ready to Indulge: Cafe Kitty Launches in Soho

Get ready, London! A delightful newcomer is making its way into the heart of Soho. You may have heard of Underbelly, well-known for its grand annual festivals and its cabaret shows at the Kit Kat Club. Now, they’re opening the doors of their first permanent theatre in Soho, fittingly named Underbelly Boulevard. But that’s not all. To spice up the theatre-going experience, the Kitty Fisher’s Group, the brains behind renowned spots like Kitty Fisher’s and Cora Pearl, introduces Cafe Kitty. Offering a blend of charm and culinary finesse, this cafe is about to become a must-visit for coffee lovers, theatre-goers, and everyone in between.

A Sophisticated Menu for Sophisticated Palates

Cafe Kitty doesn’t just serve coffee; it offers an array of gustatory experiences. The sample menu indicates a culinary offering that seems more like a voyage around the world. From ‘Devilled Whitebait & Dill Mayo’ to ‘Glenarm Estate Lamb Cutlets & Creamed Spinach’, Cafe Kitty promises to elevate your dining experience. Think of it as a culinary artist painting a masterpiece on a canvas of flavours and textures, each brushstroke adding a unique essence to the whole.

Fun Fact: Did you know that whitebait is a collective term for immature fish of various species? They are often eaten whole, and they’re a delicacy in many world cuisines.

For Theatre-Goers: Special Deals Await!

What makes Cafe Kitty even more inviting is its special menu exclusively tailored for theatre-goers. If you’re planning to catch a show at Underbelly Boulevard, prepare to be spoilt with pre and post-theatre menus. At prices that won’t break the bank—two courses for £28 and three for £32—you’ll indulge in an experience that blends art, cuisine, and atmosphere. It’s akin to reading a gripping novel while sipping on the finest wine; each element elevates the other, turning a good evening into an unforgettable one.

A Boon for Coffee Lovers

Now, let’s talk about the nectar that fuels our mornings and lifts our spirits—coffee. Cafe Kitty aims to be a sanctuary for coffee lovers, offering not just a cup of Joe, but a fully fleshed-out coffee shops experience. In a world that’s growing increasingly hectic, walking into Cafe Kitty will be like stepping into a haven where time slows down, just a tad, allowing you to relish every sip.

Cafe Kitty’s Cocktail Lounge

It’s not all about the coffee and the food. Sometimes, you just want to let your hair down and enjoy a good cocktail. Fear not, because Cafe Kitty has that covered too! Adjacent to the cafe, on the theatre’s first floor, a new cocktail bar will open. Although specifics are scarce, we know it will feature classic cocktails, wine, and beer, all served with the hallmark quality expected from the Kitty Fisher’s Group. Imagine stepping into this bar as akin to diving into a classic novel where each chapter introduces you to a new twist—a cocktail that surprises you, a wine that seduces your palate, and a beer that’s the perfect ending to a long day.

In The Heart of Soho

What sets Cafe Kitty apart from other eateries is its unbeatable location. Situated in Soho London, it promises to blend seamlessly with the area’s vibrant culture, eclectic shops, and bustling nightlife. When you’re in Soho, you’re not just in any part of London; you’re in the beating heart of the city, where every street corner has a story to tell. And now, Cafe Kitty aims to become a part of that vibrant narrative.


Cafe Kitty isn’t just another cafe; it’s a culinary institution in the making. Nestled in the ever-vibrant locale of Soho London, it offers a unique blend of excellent food, world-class coffee, and a cocktail lounge that promises to be a hit. All of this is set against the backdrop of Underbelly Boulevard, making it the perfect place for theatre-goers to enhance their evening. Whether you’re a coffee lover, a foodie, or someone who enjoys the finer things in life, Cafe Kitty has something for everyone. Get ready to indulge; your new favourite spot opens its doors on the 17th of October 2023.

So come one, come all—Cafe Kitty awaits your presence, ready to become a part of your life’s story.

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