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Curzon Soho

Nestled in the heart of London's vibrant Soho district, Curzon...

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Experience the captivating world of film in Soho, a hub for diverse cinematic offerings. Our comprehensive selection, alphabetically organised, helps you effortlessly choose your ideal movie experience.

Step into ‘Art House Cinemas’ to explore thought-provoking independent and foreign films, or venture to ‘Blockbuster Cinemas’ to catch Hollywood’s latest hits. For an opulent viewing experience, ‘Boutique Cinemas’ present luxurious interiors and gourmet treats.

Broaden your worldview at ‘Documentary-Specialist Cinemas’, and enjoy a film for all ages at our ‘Family-Friendly Cinemas’. Travel through time with ‘Historic Cinemas’, showcasing beloved classics in grand settings of a bygone era.

‘Independent Film Cinemas’ offer a platform for fresh narratives and groundbreaking filmmaking. For late-night entertainment, ‘Late-Night Cinemas’ provide an array of engaging screenings.

Soho’s vibrant film scene wouldn’t be complete without the ‘Leicester Square Cinemas‘, celebrated worldwide for hosting the best blockbuster premieres in the industry. Our ‘Multiplex Cinemas‘ offer a broad selection of films, ensuring there’s a genre for every taste. Soho’s cinematic offerings promise an enchanting and thrilling adventure for every movie enthusiast.