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66°North is a stalwart Icelandic outerwear brand, recognised globally for its unwavering dedication to quality and function. Established in 1926, 66°North has grown from a small family-run business into a universally respected name in the outdoor clothing industry. Named after the latitude of the Arctic Circle that touches Súgandafjörður, the town where it was founded, the brand encapsulates the spirit of resilience and exploration.

66°North is appreciated for crafting apparel that stands against the most demanding conditions. Its exceptional line of outerwear, including jackets, parkas, and fleeces, is designed to shield against the unpredictable and harsh Icelandic weather. These weather-resistant garments offer unparalleled protection, making them a popular choice among adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Situated in an environment that tests the endurance of both people and their gear, 66°North continues to innovate with its robust and stylish clothing lines. Each piece is meticulously engineered, ensuring that wearers can face the elements confidently, without compromising on style.

From its early beginnings serving Icelandic fishermen braving the North Atlantic weather, 66°North has stayed true to its mission of producing superior outdoor clothing for over nine decades. As a brand, it encapsulates the rugged beauty and durability of its homeland, forever challenging the boundaries of outdoor apparel.

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