A-MNEMONIC | Music & Audio Sonic Branding

A-MNEMONIC | Music & Audio Sonic Branding

Where Music Breathes Life Into Brands.


Sited on Lexington Street in the ever-dynamic Soho, London, A-MNEMONIC has been a driving force in the audio sonic branding arena since its inception in 2013. The company was founded by composer Toby Jarvis and producer Rob Dunham, both of whom started their musical journey in a dressing room at the iconic Windmill Theatre. Today, A-MNEMONIC has achieved recognition for crafting unforgettable and iconic branding and advertising music that deeply resonates with audiences.

The Symphony of Branding: Creating Emotional Resonance

At A-MNEMONIC, the aim goes beyond just creating music; it’s about composing symphonies that engage and grow your audience. Recognizing music’s unparalleled power to forge emotional connections, the company crafts tailor-made compositions that not only leave lasting impressions but also genuinely elevate your brand. Whether you’re a broadcaster or a brand looking to etch yourself in the minds of your target audience, A-MNEMONIC has the expertise to turn your vision into a harmonious reality.

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