Bocca Di Lupo

Bocca di Lupo

Authentic Regional Italian Cuisine in an Intimate Setting


Bocca di Lupo, a quaint and intimate Italian restaurant in the heart of Soho, London, stands as a beacon of authentic regional Italian cuisine. Known for its dedication to fresh, seasonal ingredients, Bocca di Lupo offers an exquisite culinary experience that takes diners on a journey through all 20 regions of Italy. The restaurant specialises in both well-known and obscure Italian dishes, ensuring a unique dining experience with every visit. Their ever-changing menu reflects the availability of fresh ingredients, showcasing the diversity and richness of Italian culinary traditions.

At Bocca di Lupo, the commitment to quality extends beyond just sourcing ingredients; many of their key components are crafted in-house. This includes homemade gelati, breads, sausages, and pasta, all made with the same love and care that characterises Italian cooking. The restaurant has been recognised with numerous awards for its exceptional food and wine, making it a favoured destination for both celebrities and discerning diners seeking a truly memorable Italian meal.

Beyond Dining: An Elegant Private Experience

Adding to its allure, Bocca di Lupo features a luxurious private dining room, perfect for hosting parties and special events. This warm and sumptuous space can accommodate up to thirty-two guests, offering an exclusive and elegant setting for any celebration. Whether you’re in search of an intimate dinner for two or planning a larger gathering, Bocca di Lupo provides a setting and menu that promise an unforgettable Italian dining experience in the bustling heart of Soho.

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