Buns From Home

Buns From Home

Bringing a Slice of Home to Every Bite!


Buns From Home started as a small venture in the home kitchen of its founder, Barney, during the initial lockdown period. This modest beginning quickly transformed into a thriving bakery business renowned throughout Soho. Situated at 63 Broadwick St, Soho, London, the bakery has been serving its unique croissant buns to an ever-growing customer base. Buns From Home stands out in the vibrant Soho area for its innovative approach to traditional baking, offering an array of flavours that keep patrons returning for more.

Signature Flavours and Unique Texture

At the heart of Buns From Home’s success is its signature product: the croissant bun. These buns are celebrated for their distinct texture – a perfect balance of glazed crispiness on the outside and tender softness on the inside. The secret lies in their meticulous baking process, involving repeated rolling and folding of butter into the dough to create that irresistible layered texture. With a variety of flavours, including pistachio, berry cheesecake, and rosemary focaccia, Buns From Home offers nearly 10 different choices, each more tempting than the last. Their dedication to quality and flavour has not only won them a loyal following but also placed them as a must-visit bakery in Soho.

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