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Housed within London’s Hotel Café Royal, Cakes & Bubbles by Albert Adrià is a unique gastronomic experience that teases the senses. This dessert restaurant, the first of its kind in London, is led by the renowned pastry chef Albert Adrià, whose culinary magic has been recognised on a global scale.

Cakes & Bubbles beckons dessert lovers with a curated menu, highlighting Albert Adrià’s artful creativity and innovation. The dishes blend traditional pastries with an avant-garde twist, turning each dessert into an unforgettable masterpiece. The celebrated ‘cheesecake’, which blurs the line between cake and cheese, is a signature creation that is a must-try for visitors.

Complementing the sweet offerings is a carefully chosen selection of Champagne and sparkling wines, hence the ‘Bubbles’ in the restaurant’s name. The fizz of fine wine, coupled with the sublime desserts, creates an enchanting dining experience that is hard to resist.

As an extension of Adrià’s culinary genius, Cakes & Bubbles provides an immersive dining experience that goes beyond just food. The luxurious yet inviting atmosphere, combined with the personalised service, ensures every visit is memorable.

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