A Taste of Authentic Italian Focaccia


Nestled in the vibrant heart of Soho, London, Golóso stands as a beacon of Italian culinary tradition. For over a decade, this charming establishment has been serving authentic Italian focaccia, delighting both locals and visitors alike. Upon entering Golóso, one is immediately enveloped by the aroma of freshly baked focaccia, a scent that promises an unforgettable tasting experience.

The Essence of Golóso

At Golóso, the focaccia is more than just bread; it’s a cultural icon, rooted in ancient recipes and crafted with passion. Known locally as ‘schiacciata’, this Italian street food is celebrated for its crisp exterior and soft, airy interior. Perfect for a quick snack or a hearty meal, Golóso’s focaccia is versatile and satisfying. Children adore it for its simplicity, often seen clutching a piece wrapped in grease paper on their way to school. Adults, on the other hand, cherish it as a source of energy or as the perfect accompaniment to a cold drink after a long day’s work.

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