Hongdae Pocha

Hongdae Pocha

A Retro Korean Experience in Soho


Hongdae Pocha, a vibrant and lively Korean pocha located in Soho, London, offers an immersive retro experience reminiscent of 1970s and 1980s Korea. This unique venue is the perfect place to enjoy a range of delicious and authentic Korean snacks, small plates, and main dishes. Signature offerings such as tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes), crispy fried chicken, and steaming hotpots are sure to satisfy your cravings for traditional Korean flavours.

Hongdae Pocha isn’t just about great food; it’s also a celebration of Korean drinking culture. The pocha offers a variety of soju, Korean beer, and creative cocktails, providing the perfect pairing for any dish. The vibrant atmosphere and wide selection of drinks make it an ideal spot for a fun night out with friends. Whether you’re looking to explore Korean culinary traditions or simply seeking a lively venue to unwind, Hongdae Pocha promises an unforgettable experience.

Experience the Soul of Korea in Soho

Hongdae Pocha’s warm, retro-style interior creates an inviting and comforting environment, perfect for delving into the history of Korean food and drinks. This space not only serves great food and drinks but also transports you to a bygone era in Korea, making it more than just a dining destination—it’s a cultural journey.

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