INO Restaurant

INO Restaurant

Inspired by the Greek culinary heritage


Tucked within the lively streets of Soho, INO Restaurant serves as a testament to Greece’s rich culinary traditions. With every dish, there’s a story, a flavourful journey that begins in Greece and transcends borders.

INO: Where Charcoal Meets Culinary Mastery!

At the heart of INO’s kitchen is the age-old Greek technique of cooking over charcoal. The essence is captured using premium quality firewood, giving each dish a distinctive taste and aroma. This method, combined with the finest ingredients sourced directly from Greece and esteemed global farms, ensures a memorable dining experience for every visitor.

However, it’s not just about the food. Taking inspiration from the ancient Greek word for wine [gr. ΟΙΝΟΣ], INO takes pride in presenting an exceptional range of Greek wines including the famous Orange wines too. Each one has been carefully selected to elevate your meal, and impressively, every wine is available by the glass. For those seeking something different, their curated list of barrel-aged cocktails and select draft beers from boutique breweries promises to delight.

Whether you’re seeking the familiar comfort of Greek flavours or eager to explore a modern twist on classics, INO Restaurant offers the best of both worlds, right in the heart of London.

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