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Tucked away in the animated district of Soho, London, Itsu Broadwick Street isn’t just another sushi restaurant. It serves a delectable array of Japanese and Asian-inspired cuisine, rooted in ethical sourcing and high nutritional value. Everything, from the sushi to the bao buns, is crafted in-house each day with extraordinary attention to detail. Visiting Itsu Broadwick Street means partaking in a dining experience that not only satisfies your taste buds but also respects the environment and ethical standards. Here, salmon comes from the pristine fjords of Norway and Scotland, while ASC certified prawns adorn the sushi rolls.

The Pinnacle of Ethical Asian Dining!

But it’s not just about sourcing; it’s about preparation too. Itsu Broadwick Street employs specialists for every task. A dedicated fish ‘pro’ and rice ‘pro’ ensure that each sushi roll is a miniature masterpiece, both in flavour and presentation. The rice, milled in Spain, has been chosen for its nutty texture and high-fibre content. The vegetable medley that accompanies your meal is seasonal, steamed, and never fried, allowing the natural flavour to shine through. Their chargrilled chicken is marinated in authentic Nagano Valley miso, created from paste and not powder. Even the take-away packaging is eco-friendly, minimising environmental impact. It’s a total dining experience that aligns with the unique and conscientious spirit of Soho.

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