Jackson Criss

Jackson Criss

Shaping Property Futures with Empathy and Expertise.


Established in 1990, Jackson Criss has matured into a prominent figure in the UK’s property sector. As an independent niche property practice, they have carved a reputation for offering tailored, candid advice to Landlords, occupants, and investors alike. With their strategic offices in Central London and Edinburgh, they strike a balance of being remarkably grounded while expertly tailoring their services to their enduring client base.

A Partnership Par Excellence

At the core of Jackson Criss is a partner-led ethos. This, fortified by an energetic client-facing team, ensures that every client’s journey is met with proficiency, leading them to their desired outcomes.

The team finds passion in the entire journey of an asset, from its inception to its zenith. They are invigorated by fresh perspectives as much as they are by rejuvenating town centres, retail locales, and significant real estate assets. Central to their operations is a human-centric approach. They firmly believe in positioning individuals at the helm of their strategies, ensuring that the counsel they extend to their clientele is consistently exceptional and empathetic.

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