Kapara Restaurant

Kapara Restaurant

A Taste of Tel-Aviv in Central Soho


Kapara, a dynamic and vibrant venue in the heart of Soho, London, embodies the essence of Israeli hospitality. This unique establishment, spread over two floors, is the result of giving a group of spirited Israelis the freedom to create an “anything goes” experience. Renowned chef Eran Tibi brings the relaxed and flavourful vibe of Tel-Aviv’s food scene to the bustling streets of Soho, offering a culinary journey like no other.

A Hedonistic Blend of Food, Wine, and Music

At Kapara, guests are invited to indulge in a spectrum of Middle Eastern flavours, complemented by a selection of Israeli wines and creatively crafted cocktails. The atmosphere is electric, with a debaucherous soundtrack adding to the hedonistic experience. Whether it’s for an all-day dining adventure or a night of revelry, Kapara offers an array of experiences including a subterranean private dining area, making it an ideal spot for both casual gatherings and exclusive events. It’s a place where fine wine meets vibrant culinary creations, all set in the pulsating heart of central Soho.

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