A French Culinary Jewel


L’Escargot Restaurant, nestled in a charming converted townhouse in Soho, London, is a bastion of French fine dining. Since its inception in 1927, it has been delighting patrons with classic French cuisine, earning a reputation for its commitment to culinary excellence. L’Escargot’s relaxed atmosphere, combined with impeccable service, makes it a beloved destination for both casual and special dining experiences.

A Menu of French Classics

The essence of L’Escargot lies in its menu, which features an array of quintessential French dishes. Renowned for its escargots, the restaurant offers a true taste of France in the heart of London. Other popular dishes include steak frites and the iconic crème brûlée, each prepared with a focus on quality and flavour. L’Escargot’s culinary prowess has not gone unnoticed; it has been awarded a Michelin star and has received high praise from critics and diners alike. The restaurant has been featured in prominent publications like Time Out and The Guardian, further cementing its status as a premier French dining establishment in London. Additionally, L’Escargot serves as a sophisticated venue for private lunches, dinners, and business events, offering a touch of French elegance to every occasion.

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