Milk Beach

Milk Beach

Modern Australian Cuisine


Milk Beach, an Australian restaurant and bar nestled in the heart of Soho, central London, offers a unique culinary experience that mirrors the rich diversity of modern Australian cuisine. This destination stands out not just for its food but for its commitment to creating distinct identities across its various sites, each boasting its own unique menu. It’s a place where the essence of Australia’s multicultural flavours is celebrated and shared with the London community.

An Ethical Approach to Food and Drink

At Milk Beach, the journey of each dish and drink is as important as its taste. The restaurant takes great pride in sourcing specialty coffees from around the world, ensuring each batch is traceable back to the farm. This commitment to quality extends to their coffee roasting, which is done with meticulous care to bring out the best in each bean. Similarly, their selection of organic and sustainable wines comes exclusively from independent winemakers. Each wine tells a story, reflecting the terroir and the passion of those who crafted it. Milk Beach isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a meeting point for connoisseurs and casual diners alike, a place where the stories of farmers and winemakers converge with the culinary talents of the kitchen.

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