Myung Ga

Myung Ga

Taste the Heart of Korea in Soho!


Myung Ga is a true gem tucked away in the bustling streets of Soho. For over twenty years, this establishment has championed genuine Korean cuisine, becoming a trusted name for both locals and international visitors alike. When one mentions authentic Korean dining in Soho, Myung Ga undoubtedly stands out. Each dish reflects the deep-rooted culinary traditions of Korea, crafted meticulously from recipes passed down through generations. Located amidst the vibrant locales of Soho, the restaurant is both a convenient dining spot for busy Londoners and an essential pitstop for tourists seeking to expand their palate. The transport options in and around Soho ensure that reaching Myung Ga is hassle-free, whether you’re coming by tube, bus, or on foot. The staff’s warm hospitality, combined with an ambience that resonates with Korean culture, ensures every diner feels right at home. As the evening lights twinkle in Soho, the inviting glow of Myung Ga continues to draw in those eager for a culinary journey. Whether you’re hoping to revisit familiar tastes or venture into new flavour territories, this restaurant consistently delivers a memorable experience. Over the past two decades, while many eateries have come and gone, Myung Ga’s commitment to authenticity and quality has solidified its place as a stalwart in Soho’s dynamic food scene.

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