Authentic Edo-Mae Sushi Experience


Nestled in the bustling core of Soho, Namaiki offers more than just sushi—it offers an authentic Edo-Mae sushi experience that’s unmatched in London. Known for its meticulously crafted sushi, Namaiki’s atmosphere is cosy and intimate, making it a prime spot for those in search of a unique Japanese culinary adventure. Their chefs are experts in traditional Japanese cooking techniques, ensuring each dish is an exquisite work of art.

Why Namaiki in Soho is Redefining the Sushi Experience

Namaiki isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a philosophy and a tribute to a specific time in Japanese history—the Edo period, an era that saw a blossoming of Japanese culture and gave birth to Edo-Mae sushi. It’s not about flashy fusion but about depth of flavour and simplicity. The chefs at Namaiki embrace this legacy by employing a variety of intricate techniques to enhance natural flavours and textures. Whether it’s the careful seasoning, drawing out of water, or ageing of fish, each technique is adjusted daily and tailored to the specific ingredients and seasons. What you get on your plate is not just food, it’s a delicately crafted experience that honours Japan’s rich cultural history.

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