Simmons Bar

Simmons Bar

The Epitome of Soho's Exuberant Nightlife


Simmons Bar, nestled in the vibrant heart of Soho, is a quintessential spot for those seeking an exhilarating nightlife experience in London. This venue is renowned for its extraordinarily long Five-hour Happy Hour, setting it apart as a prime destination for evening revelry. With DJs spinning tracks from Thursday through Saturday, Simmons Bar encapsulates the spirited essence of Soho nightlife.

Upon entering, guests are greeted by an eclectic decor that includes a dazzling array of lamps, captivating wallpaper, and the standout feature: a shimmering skull mirrorball. This unique blend of vintage and modern aesthetics creates a welcoming and intriguing atmosphere. The bar’s extensive selection of draught beers, cocktails, and spirits ensures that there’s something to suit every taste.

A Versatile Venue for Memorable Occasions

Simmons Bar also boasts a dedicated function room, perfect for hosting private parties and gatherings. Whether it’s a birthday celebration, a corporate event, or a casual get-together, this space offers flexibility and a quirky charm that’s hard to find elsewhere.

Located centrally in Soho, Simmons Bar is not just a bar; it’s a destination that promises unforgettable nights. With its extended happy hours, lively DJ sets, and a one-of-a-kind ambiance, it’s a must-visit spot for anyone looking to experience the best of London’s nightlife.

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Monday03:00 PM11:30 PM
Tuesday03:00 PM11:30 PM
Wednesday03:00 PM11:30 PM
Thursday03:00 PM11:30 PM
Friday03:00 PM12:00 AM
Saturday03:00 PM12:00 AM
Sunday03:00 PM10:30 PM
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