Speedboat Bar

Speedboat Bar

A Taste of Bangkok in Soho


Speedboat Bar has been a unique fixture in Soho for over five years, bringing a slice of Bangkok’s vibrant street food scene to Rupert Street. This is not just another London pub; it’s a culinary escape that offers a lively and exotic atmosphere right in the heart of one of the city’s most dynamic districts. When you step into Speedboat Bar, you are instantly transported by the scents of fragrant curries and earthy soups emanating from the bustling kitchen. The decor, inspired by the colourful and hectic waterways of Thailand, features rich colours and traditional Thai elements, creating an immersive dining experience.

Flavours That Excite

Chef Luke Farrell has crafted a menu that mirrors his experiences of zipping through Bangkok’s canals in longtail boats. The food at Speedboat Bar is known for its authenticity and bold tastes, with a menu that emphasizes shared eating – a fundamental aspect of Thai dining culture. Dishes like drunken noodles and vibrant seafood salads showcase the complexity of Thai cuisine, while innovative slushie beers and unique cocktails like the snake blood Negroni keep guests coming back. Whether you’re downstairs enjoying a casual meal or upstairs at the lively bar with a pool table and live sports, the environment is always buzzing with energy. The happy hour is a highlight, drawing both early birds and night owls to enjoy excellent deals on drinks and snacks.

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