The Colombian Coffee Company

The Colombian Coffee Company


The Colombian Coffee Company in Soho, London, is a haven for coffee enthusiasts seeking a taste of authentic Colombian excellence. This unique establishment has been delighting customers on Greek Street for over five years, offering an immersive experience dedicated to single-origin Colombian coffee beans. Visitors are welcomed by a warm, inviting atmosphere where they can savour meticulously brewed coffee, crafted from freshly roasted beans. The shop’s design echoes the rich coffee culture of Colombia, creating a cosy spot in bustling Soho where patrons can relax and enjoy their favourite brew.

Ethical Sourcing and Community Support

At The Colombian Coffee Company, the focus isn’t just on providing delicious coffee. They are a social enterprise committed to ethical sourcing and supporting communities in Colombia. By purchasing beans directly from small farms, they ensure fair prices for farmers, helping to sustain communities impacted by conflict and economic instability. The shop offers a variety of single-origin coffees, each with a distinct flavour profile. From the bright acidity of a Gesha to the smooth, chocolatey notes of a Castillo, there is a coffee to suit every taste. Additionally, they sell merchandise such as mugs and brewing equipment, allowing customers to bring a piece of the experience home. Profits from the shop are often reinvested into social projects in Colombia, making every cup you enjoy part of a bigger mission.

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