The Real Greek 

The Real Greek 

Where London Meets the Greek Islands.


Located on the bustling Berwick Street in Soho, The Real Greek stands as a testament to genuine Greek culinary artistry. With an aim to replicate the warmth and communal spirit of a traditional Greek meal, the restaurant offers an array of authentic Greek dishes. From meze platters to sumptuous grilled meats, each recipe is steeped in centuries-old traditions, and yet presented in a style that appeals to the modern diner.

A Taste of Greece Amidst Soho’s Eclectic Charm

Step inside The Real Greek, and you’re instantly welcomed by a homely atmosphere, where the emphasis is not just on food but also on shared experiences. The restaurant captures the laid-back yet spirited vibe that is so distinctive to the Greek islands. Amidst the culinary hustle of Soho, it offers a serene culinary getaway where one can enjoy the simple pleasures of good food and great company. It’s not just a restaurant, but an experience that transports you straight to the sunny beaches of Greece, all while soaking up the unbeatable energy of Soho.

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