The Smallest Gallery in Soho

The Smallest Gallery in Soho

A Tiny Space for Grand Visions!


Located in the heart of London, The Smallest Gallery in Soho has been a celebrated platform for budding artists and connoisseurs since it was established in 2017. This unique gallery, true to its name, is one of the most distinctive spots in the London art scene and continues to charm visitors with its innovative exhibitions and unconventional setting.

Situated on Dean Street, the gallery is a stone’s throw away from Leicester Square and Tottenham Court Road tube stations. This makes it a convenient, albeit easy-to-miss, destination for art lovers looking for an offbeat experience in Soho.

Despite its small size, The Smallest Gallery in Soho houses a diverse range of artworks from emerging artists, offering a refreshing take on contemporary art. The gallery’s exhibitions, carefully curated and regularly rotated, manage to capture the imagination of its visitors, regardless of the limited space.

Continuing to break boundaries in the Soho art scene, The Smallest Gallery in Soho promises a unique and intimate experience. It’s a small window to the vast and varied world of art, affirming the adage that great things indeed come in small packages.

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