Ugly Dumpling

Ugly Dumpling

Where Every Dumpling Tells a Story!


In the bustling heart of culinary fusion, Ugly Dumpling stands distinct, breathing new life into the traditional dumpling. They’ve seamlessly melded Western ingredients with classic Asian recipes, elevating a beloved street snack into an elegant dining adventure.

Ugly Dumpling: A Symphony of Flavours and Cultures

Ugly Dumpling’s vision is clear and tantalising: sculpting the world’s most exquisite ingredient-driven dumplings. At its heart, the brand pulses with rich values:

  • Diverse: A harmonious blend of cultures, unified to craft a singular, mouth-watering masterpiece.
  • Innovative: A relentless pursuit of flavour, constantly curating and introducing novel ingredients that enamour their patrons.
  • Authentic: At its core, a true street food aficionado, celebrating the beauty and simplicity of the dumpling.

The personality of Ugly Dumpling resonates with every diner. Their audacity in culinary experimentation showcases their boldness. The atmosphere exudes relaxation, making it an ideal rendezvous for friends seeking an easy-going haven. There’s a playful, cheeky side too; where spontaneity in flavours is encouraged and indulgence is the order of the day. Above all, stepping into Ugly Dumpling feels like a warm embrace – the ambience is undeniably cosy, marked by genuine kindness and a zest to serve.

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