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Weekday is a popular Swedish fashion brand known for its contemporary designs and commitment to sustainability. Founded in 2002, it has built a significant following for its modern, street-style-inspired clothing that resonates with the young and the fashion-forward.

With numerous locations in the UK, Weekday stores are a fashion hub, offering a wide range of clothing, denim, and accessories. The stores exude a cool, minimalistic aesthetic that mirrors the brand’s Scandinavian roots and design philosophy.

The brand is particularly celebrated for its denim collection, which offers a variety of cuts and styles to cater to diverse fashion tastes. The denim range, like the rest of Weekday’s collection, is created with a strong emphasis on sustainability and use of organic or recycled materials.

Weekday’s commitment to environmental responsibility extends beyond its product range. The brand is proactive in its goal to become climate-positive, aiming to achieve this by 2030 through various initiatives.

Visiting a Weekday store is an immersion into a world of modern, sustainable fashion that reflects the spirit of the new generation.

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