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Zedwell Piccadilly Circus stands out in bustling Soho, London, with a business model that revolves around fostering well-being and quality sleep. Established with the aim to serve as a calm oasis amid the urban chaos, Zedwell has been promoting restful slumber since its inception. The hotel’s design shuns the usual distractions found in typical accommodations; you won’t find any TVs or electronics here. Instead, guests are treated to soundproofed walls, high-quality materials, and a minimalist aesthetic that helps reduce stress and enhance sleep quality.

Sustainable and Convenient Features

Zedwell takes pride in its environmental consciousness, featuring over 700 windowless rooms. While initially surprising, this design choice supports a light-controlled environment ideal for sleep. The hotel emphasizes sustainability by minimizing waste and using refillable amenities to cut down on plastic use. Although the rooms are compact, some offer unique loft-style layouts that maximize space and comfort. Guests can enjoy free Wi-Fi and convenient access to essentials via vending machines. Additional items like hairdryers or irons are available for rent, ensuring that while the focus is on disconnection and rest, necessities are still within reach.

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