Air Street

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Standing majestically at the crossroads of London's illustrious Regent Street and Piccadilly, Hotel Café Royal...

Streets of Soho London

Air Street

Air Street is a notable location in the heart of Soho, London. Historians believe that the name “Air Street” is derived from ‘Ayres’, in reference to Thomas Ayre, a local brewer who lived there during the 17th century. This street, with its rich past, has been a center for commerce and residential activity for many years.

Today, visitors to Air Street can find a blend of restaurants, boutique shops, and offices. Its central location in Soho makes it a sought-after destination for both locals and tourists. When it comes to transportation, Air Street is conveniently located. Piccadilly Circus, a major transport hub, is just a short walk away. This ensures that anyone can easily reach this spot using public transport.

Throughout its history, Air Street has been home to several renowned individuals, although specifics might vary based on different sources. This combination of historical significance, commercial activity, and ease of access makes Air Street an important part of London’s bustling Soho district.