Manette Street

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Streets of Soho London

Manette Street

Manette Street lies nestled in Soho, London’s vibrant district. This quaint street derives its name from the character Doctor Manette from Charles Dickens’ ‘A Tale of Two Cities’, a nod to the area’s rich literary history. From bespoke retail stores to independent cafes, Manette Street offers a diverse array of businesses, cementing its reputation as a dynamic hub in Soho’s busy landscape. Its proximity to the heart of the city ensures it’s well-connected by public transport. The Tottenham Court Road Underground Station is only a short walk away, and numerous bus routes, such as 14, 19, and 38, service the area. Embodying the quintessential Soho spirit, Manette Street is a perfect blend of historic charm, vibrant businesses, and transport convenience that sets it apart in London’s buzzing cityscape.