New Game Inspiration: How to Find New Hits

Gaming is more popular than ever before. Around the world, hundreds of millions of players regularly log on for casual and competitive gaming sessions alike. Some might even skip the gaming session to watch a few of their favourite streamers play instead. 

The gaming industry is incredibly diverse. Even the hardware that players use in the game is constantly evolving. Handheld consoles, for example, are the latest wave in gaming tech. The Steam Deck is a mini PC that gamers can take with them on the go. Meanwhile, Nintendo will release its second Switch device sometime next year. 

With the tech frontiers constantly expanding, players have more choices at their fingertips than ever before.

Theoretically, that should be a good thing. However, it can make finding a quality and interesting title a little difficult. Many games build on others, meaning they’re similar in terms of theme and gaming mechanics. So, if you want to discover your new obsession, you might need to dig deeper. 

Here are a few ways that you can find exciting new titles which you haven’t heard of before.

Join a New Provider

Depending on how you like to game, you might consider joining a new provider. For example, fans of casino games usually stick with a preferred provider. They’re familiar with the layout, know where to find their favourite slots, and how to cash out their winnings.

But one great way to expand your horizons is to try out a new platform. For casino gamers, that might include a welcome offer like free spins for certain slot games. Immediately, players can start perusing dozens of brand-new titles, in search of their new favourite.

Sign Up for a Newsletter

If you don’t want to do the work of finding new games, then consider joining a newsletter or forum headed by a passionate gamer. The larger the following, the more they’ll work around the clock to uncover exciting new releases, mods, and more. 

This is by far one of the easiest ways to start uncovering new titles. If you go with a broader newsletter, then you can find a huge range of games that can be played on different hardware. Alternatively, if you have very niche gaming interests, these newsletters can help you get into the minutiae of new releases and projects.

Follow a Streamer

Newsletters are better for gamers who like to explore at their own pace. But if you want a faster and more direct way to discover games, then start following a streamer who meets your interests. Variety streamers regularly sample new projects.

Some streamers have actually made a name from sampling the latest new games. For example, the popular streamer LIRIK is known for splitting his time on-screen playing hyper-popular games with weird new indie releases. You’ll uncover something cool in no time through him.

Explore the World of Indie Gaming

Indie games are some of the most cutting-edge in the industry. That’s because they tend to be easier to develop (they’re not quite as advanced or vast as other releases), and they have fewer boardroom executives to impress. In other words, they’re bastions of creativity. 

If you want to start exploring indie games, you can join platforms that release and promote indie games. The most well-known are and Humble Bundle. Both offer subscription packages that let players sample a wide range of projects from all sorts of indie studios.

Volunteer to be a Beta Tester

Unsurprisingly, all of those indie releases need beta testers. While players might spend years trying to make it onto the Ubisoft or Microsoft beta testing teams, that’s not the case for smaller-scale productions.

There are dozens of forums available that are designed to connect passionate and experienced gamers with developers who need beta testing. Just make sure you’re looking into gaming categories that you have extensive experience with. That way, the learning curve will be smaller and you’ll be able to provide actionable and helpful insights.

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