Private Members Clubs in Soho: Exclusivity and Elegance

When you think of the words ‘Soho’ and ‘private members clubs’, an immediate image of sophistication, a hint of mystery, and the charming buzz of London’s vibrant nightlife come to mind. The British capital, with its rich history and culture, has always been home to spots known only to the discerning few. These establishments encapsulate the true essence of exclusivity and elegance.

The Union Club: The Heartbeat of Bohemia

Established in 1993, the Union Club has become synonymous with the eclectic and bohemian charm that Soho exudes. This members-only establishment stands proudly, serving as a nexus for the free-spirited and the discerning. With its doors open for various pursuits – be it enjoying a sumptuous meal, engaging in spirited conversations over a drink, or providing a serene backdrop for work – the club caters to all facets of its members’ needs. The ambience is one that melds the historic with the contemporary, reminding members of Soho’s rich legacy while also presenting the modern vibrancy that the neighbourhood is known for today.

The Groucho Club: A Beacon for the Arts

The Groucho Club, an iconic establishment, has carved a niche for itself in Soho’s intricate landscape. Conceived in the 1980s by visionary women publishers, it was birthed as a counterpoint to the more traditional, male-centric establishments of the time. Nestled in the West End, this establishment is more than a club; it’s a sanctuary for enthusiasts of arts, literature, and media. A convergence point for creative minds, the club offers exquisite dining experiences, state-of-the-art event rooms, and an ambiance steeped in history and creativity. Each visit promises tales of past legends and the creation of new stories, making it an ever-evolving tapestry of experiences.

Soho House: A Workspace Like No Other

The dynamic Soho House effortlessly redefines the concept of a club. Spreading its charm across four expansive floors, each space is meticulously curated to meet a range of needs – from plush private offices to state-of-the-art meeting rooms, and from communal workspaces to a cutting-edge podcast studio. What sets Soho House apart is its inclusive approach to membership. It casts its net wide, welcoming all, from seasoned professionals to budding entrepreneurs. Members, regardless of their affiliation with Soho House or its partners, are treated to a blend of luxury, comfort, and innovation, making it a go-to for those in search of excellence.

Club 16: The Melody of Soho

As you step into Club 16, the rhythmic pulse of London becomes evident. Expertly blending aspects of a jazz club with the sophistication of a cocktail bar, and the cinematic aura of a screening room, this establishment promises a sensory treat. By day, it’s a haven for creative pursuits, and by night, it morphs into a playground for the city’s rockstars. Members not only benefit from the club’s diverse offerings but also find themselves privy to industry events, rubbing shoulders with the who’s who of the music world. The exclusivity combined with the raw energy of the place makes Club 16 a sought-after destination.

Blacks Club: A Glimpse into Georgian Grandeur

Steeped in history, Blacks Club stands as a monument to London’s rich past. Housed in a Georgian townhouse with architectural imprints of John Meard Jnr, the club has witnessed eras go by, hosting luminaries like Charles Fortnum. But what truly sets it apart is its ethos. Founded in 1992 as a counterpoint to White’s Club, it embraced bohemian spirits, offering a relaxed yet luxurious ambiance. Over the years, it evolved into a celebrated space, revered for its authentic Georgian heritage and its rejuvenation of 18th-century supper club traditions. Every visit is a walk through time, with the club’s storied past resonating in its present.

Century Club: A Symphony of Creativity

Century Club is more than a testament to Soho’s vibrant arts scene; it’s a living, breathing entity that fosters creativity. Established in 2001, it swiftly became the hub for artists, writers, and musicians. With an expansive setting that encourages mingling, members find themselves in a nurturing environment, allowing their creativity to flourish. At the Century Club, Soho’s spirit is palpable, and its ethos of innovation and collaboration is evident in every corner. With a diverse membership offering, the club remains committed to its vision, ensuring that every interaction within its walls is nothing short of inspiring.

Christabel’s Club: Rebellion and Romance

Christabel’s Club captures the zeitgeist of London’s cultural shifts. Originally established in the historic Fulham Town Hall, it rose as a beacon of avant-garde thought and creativity. More than just a club, it’s a canvas where life meets art, and where every guest plays a part in its evolving narrative. Drawing inspiration from the rock and roll sensibilities of West London and paying homage to its roots, Christabel’s brings together an eclectic mix of musicians, poets, and artists. Founded with an aim to challenge the norm, it stands as a bastion against cultural monotony, making every visit an experience in cultural exploration.

The Ivy Club: Elegance Redefined

With its inception in 2008, The Ivy Club quickly became the epitome of Soho’s luxury. Hidden behind a floral facade in Covent Garden, this three-storied marvel is an oasis of art, luxury, and culinary excellence. Designer Martin Brudnizki’s vision shines through, creating spaces that transport members to an era of unmatched sophistication. From the intimate ambiance of The Piano Bar to the gastronomic delights of The Drawing Room, every space tells its own tale. With its diverse membership offerings, The Ivy Club promises not just exclusivity but an experience that stays long after one leaves its hallowed halls.


Soho’s private member clubs are not just about exclusivity; they are about the experiences they offer, the history they have witnessed, and the memories they continue to create. Each club, with its unique offerings, stands as a testament to London’s rich cultural and historical tapestry. Whether you’re an art lover, a history buff, or someone just looking to have a good time, Soho’s private clubs have something for everyone. So the next time you’re in the area, why not step into one of these clubs? After all, there’s no better way to experience London’s true spirit.

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