Unforgettable Night at Sophie’s Surprise 29th Premiere Show

As the curtain rises on London’s bustling theatre scene, few spectacles ignite the our attention as Sophie’s Surprise 29th at the Underbelly Theatre in Soho. This production is no ordinary event; it is an invitation to the most exhilarating surprise party imaginable, where guests are greeted by some of the UK’s most inspiring and dynamic performers. Picture a vibrant house party, ingeniously disguised as a thrilling amalgamation of circus, comedy, and chaos, all set to a pulsating soundtrack that keeps the energy soaring. Here, every performance promises not just entertainment, but an unforgettable adventure into a world of extraordinary. and here what happened the premiere night.

Early Arrival and Pre-Show Excitement

The evening began with drinks at the charming Kitty Café, located on the first floor of Underbelly Boulevard. My companion and I arrived a bit early to enjoy this renowned spot, indulging in a few delightful drinks. The air was alive with the buzz of excited chatter about the upcoming show, setting a cheerful and relaxed tone for the night.

After our second drink and buoyed by the lively conversation, our mood was lifted further by the sound of a bell. This quaint, yet unmistakable signal told us it was time to head to our seats. This simple chime not only summoned us to the theatre but also marked our passage from the ordinary into the realm of the extraordinary.

The Venue’s Unique Setup and First Impressions

Upon entering the cosy theatre, we were immediately struck by its distinctive layout. The central stage, designed to offer at least a 280-degree view, ensured that every audience member could catch every moment of the action. This thoughtful arrangement meant that each of the 200 seats offered a prime viewing experience, making every spot feel like the best in the house. This design perfectly complemented the intimate atmosphere of the Boulevard’s sultry, gender-blurred extravaganza, ensuring that everyone was deeply immersed in the performance.

The Show Experience

As the performance began, it became evident that this was no ordinary show. What unfolded was a fantastic mix of creativity, talent, and charisma. Sophie’s Surprise 29th masterfully blended circus, comedy, and chaos into what felt like a massive, joyous house party. The 90-minute runtime flew by, filled with engaging acts and an interval perfectly timed for refreshments without losing the evening’s momentum.

What sets Sophie’s Surprise 29th apart is its masterful engagement with the audience. This is not a show you simply watch; it’s one you experience. The proximity of the actors to the audience creates an intimate atmosphere that many larger venues could never achieve. It’s this closeness that allows for spontaneous interaction. The immersion is total—audience members find themselves not just observers but participants in the unfolding extraordinary show. Whether it’s a nail-biting act or a joke with a performer or an impromptu part in the show, everyone leaves feeling like they were an essential part of the evening’s magic.

Our Opinion

Anyone planning to attend Sophie’s Surprise 29th should brace themselves for an immersive experience filled with gripping, acrobatic performances that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The acts vary widely, encompassing everything from astonish circus acts, gothic portrayals, with occasional cheeky moments of nudity and bursts of comedy thrown in for good measure. This show truly offers something for everyone. Although Sophie’s Surprise 29th has only just begun its run in Soho, London, it has already been hailed as a triumph. Featuring world-class talent from renowned troupes such as La Clique, The 7 Fingers, and Cirque du Soleil, this production at Underbelly Boulevard is an absolute must-see.

Important Details:

  • Run Time: 90 minutes (including an interval)
  • Dates: April 11 to June 28, 2024; shows on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.
  • Venue: Underbelly Boulevard
  • Age Restriction: 16 and up

Important Production Notes:

  • The show includes real flames, partial nudity, haze effects, flashing and strobe lights, loud noises, references to suicide, and strong language.
  • The auditorium opens about 30 minutes before showtime, and seating is unallocated.

Fun Fact: Sophie’s Surprise 29th is the debut show from Three Legged Race Productions, founded in 2021 by Katharine Arnold, Isis Clegg-Vinell, and Nathan Price.


  1. What is the runtime of Sophie’s Surprise 29th?
    • 90 minutes, including an interval.
  2. Can children attend Sophie’s Surprise 29th?
    • Suitable for ages 16 and above.
  3. Where is Sophie’s Surprise 29th showing?
    • Underbelly Boulevard, Soho, London.
  4. Does the show include audience interaction?
    • Yes, expect immersive and engaging experiences.
  5. Are special effects used in the show?
    • Yes, includes flames, haze, and strobe lights.

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