Summer Tastes Await at Raye’s Pop-Up in Wolf & Badger Soho

This summer, Raye the Store brings an exciting pop-up to the heart of London’s Soho, hosted by the iconic Wolf & Badger. Running until the 31st of July, this event is set to showcase a delightful selection of emerging food and drink brands. Whether you’re a foodie, a lover of innovative culinary experiences, or someone seeking to support small businesses, this pop-up is not to be missed. With a rich blend of flavours, ethical practices, and a community-driven approach, this event perfectly captures the spirit of summer in Soho.

Innovative Food and Drink Brands to Discover

One of the most exciting aspects of Raye the Store’s pop-up is the chance to explore cutting-edge food and drink brands. This event is not just about tasting; it’s about discovering new favourites and supporting innovative producers. From bold sauces to gluten-free options, there’s something for every palate.

Take Chimac, for instance, a brand born from a Dublin fried chicken restaurant. Their Korean-inspired sauces are a punchy mix of flavours, perfect for those who love a bit of spice. Or consider Sixways, offering functional mushroom elixirs designed to energise and balance. Each brand brings a unique taste and story, enriching the overall experience of the pop-up.

Raye the Store: A Travelling Retail Concept

Raye the Store is more than just a pop-up; it’s a travelling retail concept dedicated to supporting small businesses. Since 2021, Raye has showcased over 500 UK-based and European brands, providing them with a platform to shine. This summer’s event at Wolf & Badger is a testament to their commitment to innovation and community.

The essence of Raye lies in its ability to curate events that highlight the best in emerging food, drinks, wellness, nutrition, and beauty products. By moving from location to location, they not only bring exciting new products to different audiences but also support local economies and independent brands.

The Perfect Partnership: Raye the Store and Wolf & Badger

The collaboration between Raye the Store and Wolf & Badger is a match made in heaven. Both entities share a common goal: to spotlight independent brands and build an interconnected community of conscious consumers. Wolf & Badger’s flagship store in Soho, known for its aesthetic-conscious clientele, provides the perfect backdrop for Raye’s curated selection of food and drink brands.

George Graham, Co-founder of Wolf & Badger, expressed his excitement about this partnership, highlighting the mutual commitment to ethical practices and quality. This synergy not only benefits the brands but also enhances the shopping experience for visitors, making it a truly memorable event.

Exclusive Gourmet Delights at the Pop-Up

Visitors to the pop-up can expect a range of exclusive gourmet delights. From refreshing Selfish sodas to the indulgent macadamia nut butter by Beauté, the offerings are both diverse and delectable. Each brand has been carefully selected to ensure a variety of flavours and dietary options, including several gluten-free products.

One standout is Citizens of Soil, an olive oil brand that sources directly from small-scale female producers. Their award-winning extra virgin olive oils are not only flavourful but also represent a commitment to sustainability and fair trade. Another must-try is Bold Bean Co., a brand on a mission to make people obsessed with beans. Their slow-cooked beans are a true culinary treat.

Fun Fact: Did you know that the average person consumes about 35 pounds of cheese per year? Events like these are perfect opportunities to discover your next favourite cheese variety.

Sustainable and Ethical Brand Spotlight

A significant focus of this event is on sustainability and ethical practices. Both Raye the Store and Wolf & Badger are dedicated to creating a future where every element of retail is fair and frictionless. This commitment is reflected in the brands they choose to showcase.

For example, JP’s Originals offers luxury speciality teas and CBD wellness infusions, proudly plastic-free and B Corp certified. Meanwhile, Nibs etc. is the UK’s first upcycled snack brand, turning nutritious byproducts into delicious snacks, thereby reducing food waste. These brands not only provide high-quality products but also contribute positively to the environment and society.

Meet the Curated Selection of Brands

The pop-up features a carefully curated selection of 15 brands, each bringing something unique to the table. Naksha offers extraordinary recipe kits that allow anyone to cook delicious food from around the world, complete with authentic ingredients and beautiful packaging art by emerging female artists.

Another highlight is Super Powders, a superfood brand designed with families in mind. Their organic, plant-based products are easy to incorporate into everyday meals, making healthy eating simple and enjoyable. By exploring these brands, visitors can find new favourites and support innovative producers.

Visitor Information and Event Details

The Raye the Store pop-up runs from the 1st of May to the 31st of July at Wolf & Badger, located at 102 Berwick Street, London W1F 0QB. The event is open to the public, and visitors are encouraged to come and experience the exciting range of products on offer.

Wolf & Badger, known for its commitment to ethical and sustainable practices, provides the perfect venue for this pop-up. Their B Corp certification ensures that visitors can shop with confidence, knowing that the brands and products are held to high ethical standards.


The Raye the Store pop-up at Wolf & Badger Soho is a celebration of innovation, sustainability, and community. With a curated selection of 15 cutting-edge food and drink brands, this event offers something for everyone. Whether you’re a foodie, a health enthusiast, or someone who values ethical practices, you’ll find plenty to enjoy and support. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore new flavours and support emerging brands in the heart of Soho.


  • What are the dates for the Raye the Store pop-up?
  • From 1st May to 31st July.
  • Where is the pop-up located?
  • At Wolf & Badger, 102 Berwick Street, Soho.
  • Are there gluten-free options available?
  • Yes, several brands offer gluten-free products.
  • What types of products are featured?
  • Food, drinks, wellness, and beauty products.
  • Is the event open to the public?
  • Yes, it is open to everyone.

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