Wayne Wayneson to Rock London: The Legend Returns

Show Dates are 22 – 28 July 2024

Wayne Wayneson will be at All is Joy Soho, the legendary figure in the country rock universe known for his timeless hits “Rock Hard”, “Little Man”, and “It’s Okay to Be Soft”, is set to perform in London from 22nd to 28th July. Fans can catch this one-person comedy and musical creation at Soho’s newest venue, All Is Joy Soho, located at 75 Dean Street.

Wayne Wayneson, once the epitome of musical masculinity, now continues to live the rock god life to the extreme. However, his lifestyle has become more embarrassing than exciting to those around him. His Rock Goddess mother, fed up with his antics, has decided to intervene. As a powerful deity herself, she takes away Wayne’s manhood in an attempt to calm him down and help him learn to rock in the right way. The question remains: will this drastic measure work?

Event Details: Wayne Wayneson’s Rock Hard at All Is Joy Soho

From 22nd to 28th July, Wayne Wayneson’s Rock Hard will be performed at All Is Joy Soho. This unique show combines comedy and music, offering audiences a hilarious and thrilling experience. Created by Coral Bevan, who also brings Fisherman Jon: What’s On The End Of My Rod to life, this performance promises to be a standout event in London’s entertainment calendar.

Coral Bevan, the creator and performer of Wayne Wayneson, shared her excitement: “Bringing Wayne Wayneson to London is a dream come true. This show is a wild ride of music, comedy, and unexpected twists. I can’t wait for audiences to experience Wayne’s outrageous journey.”

Background Information on Wayne Wayneson

Wayne Wayneson is a multi-platinum, Grammy Award-winning country-rock superstar, celebrated for his infectious hits such as “Rock Hard”, “Little Man”, and “It’s Okay to Be Soft”. This one-person character comedy with music is a creation of Coral Bevan, who is also known for the hit show Fisherman Jon: What’s On The End Of My Rod.

About Asparagus Mousse Productions

Asparagus Mousse Productions, founded by Coral Bevan and Ricky Hunt in 2023, is known for creating daringly absurd and joyfully funny productions. Their work includes the five-star, sell-out show Fisherman Jon: What’s On The End Of My Rod. With Wayne Wayneson’s Rock Hard, they invite audiences into a world of gods and fantasies, exploring what it truly means to be a man, a god, and to rock hard.

Fun Fact about Wayne Wayneson

In “Wayne Wayneson’s Rock Hard,” the character Wayne, portrayed by Coral Bevan, sports a moustache that is humorously suggested to deserve a Tony award for its theatrical impact.

Performance Schedule and Ticket Information

  • Venue: All Is Joy Soho
  • Address: 75 Dean Street, London W1D 3PU
  • Dates: 22nd – 28th July
  • Time: 7:30 PM – 8:45 PM (doors open at 7:00 PM)
  • Tickets: £20 (+£2.38 booking fee) / £10 concessions (+£1.55 booking fee)
  • Box Office:

Praise for Coral Bevan and Asparagus Mousse Creative Team

  • “Daringly Absurd” ★★★★★ – Lost In Theatreland
  • “Joyfully Funny” ★★★★ – Everything Theatre
  • “Mesmerizing” ★★★★ – The Reviews Hub

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