Honi Poke

Honi Poke


Honi Poke, London’s preferred destination for Hawaiian-inspired cuisine, delivers a fresh take on the traditional poke bowl. Situated in the heart of the city, this vibrant eatery offers a refreshing, health-conscious dining experience that is both flavourful and nourishing.

With a menu that includes a variety of seafood, vegetables, and unique sauces, Honi Poke serves up an array of delicious, customisable bowls. This dedication to authentic Hawaiian flavours combined with a creative culinary approach sets Honi Poke apart in the city’s bustling food scene.

Easily accessible in London’s lively centre, Honi Poke is a must-visit for food enthusiasts and health-conscious diners. The restaurant’s unique fusion of flavourful cuisine and health-focused dining makes it a notable part of the London food scene.

Experience a taste of the tropics at Honi Poke and discover a culinary gem offering a delightful balance of taste and nutrition.

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