Ham Yard

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Ham Yard Hotel: Nestled in the vibrant heart of Soho, Ham Yard Hotel is more...

Engawa, located in the bustling streets of Soho, is a beacon of authentic Japanese culinary...

Streets of Soho London

The small street is located in Soho, Ham Yard is a charming enclave brimming with life. This lined with a mix of chic boutiques, avant-garde art galleries, the magnificent 5 Start Ham Yard Hotel and legendary Japanese restaurant. The bustling atmosphere is enhanced by creative professionals and curious tourists alike, who are often seen meandering its cobbled pathways. What’s particularly endearing is Ham Yard’s proximity to major transport hubs. It’s a stone’s throw away from Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square tube stations, making it easily accessible for Londoners and visitors. Furthermore, several bus routes run nearby, seamlessly connecting Ham Yard to the wider cityscape. Whether you’re seeking a niche shopping experience, a cultural escapade, or simply a taste of Soho’s electric energy, Ham Yard is undeniably a must-visit.