Annie's Ibiza 

Annie’s Ibiza 

Crafting Timeless Tales with Every Thread.


In the heart of fashion, Annie stands out with her distinctive approach to style. Celebrating every day with flair, Annie’s passion for timeless fashion is evident in her unique collection. The essence of Annie’s Ibiza is an ode to the vibrant energy of Ibiza, interwoven with the charm of vintage couture.

Annie’s Ibiza: A Tribute to Vintage Grandeur and Sustainable Elegance

At the core of Annie’s collection is a treasure trove of vintage inspirations, meticulously curated from her 15-year journey through the world of classic fashion. Drawing upon the intricate stitching arts of the Ottoman Empire, the elegance of Victorian designs, and the flamboyance of 1950’s stage costumes, the 30-piece collection is a masterclass in craftsmanship. Each piece is a revival of vintage elements, infused with the freshness and vibrancy of Ibiza’s spirit.

This collection, however, isn’t merely about fashion. It’s about sustainability and resisting the allure of fleeting trends. With a conscious effort to combat over-production, each piece from Annie’s Ibiza is crafted in limited numbers, ensuring exclusivity. The fabric is responsibly sourced – many handmade garments incorporate deadstock materials and sustainable textiles, adorned with recycled beads. This approach promises not only longevity for each piece but also ensures they remain treasured heirlooms, passed through generations.

In a commendable collaboration, Annie’s Ibiza has partnered with the innovative Are You Mad team to craft wearable art from recyclable waste. Using materials collected around Soho, including bottle caps and coffee cups, they’ve transformed waste into stunning fashion pieces. The show-stopper? A dress fashioned from plastic pallets, set to grace the London show – a testament to fashion’s potential when creativity meets sustainability.

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