Bringing Neapolitan Flavours to London


Cinquecento, a vibrant Neapolitan pizzeria, stands proudly in the bustling streets of Soho, London. Established a decade ago by Emanuele and Melo, two passionate Italians, this eatery has become a landmark for authentic pizza lovers. At Cinquecento, tradition meets innovation, where every pizza narrates a story of its Neapolitan roots, combined with the dynamic vibe of London.

A Taste of Italy in the Heart of Soho

From the moment you step into Cinquecento, the aroma of freshly baked pizzas, crafted using Nonna’s secret recipe dough, welcomes you. The use of top-quality D.O.P ingredients ensures that each slice is a reflection of Italy’s rich culinary heritage. The bustling ambiance, combined with the warm, inviting decor, makes Cinquecento not just a restaurant, but an experience. Renowned for crafting nearly 1000 pizzas daily, this establishment highlights the insatiable love for authentic Italian pizza in London.

Serving what many claim to be “London’s best pizza,” Cinquecento has become a symbol of culinary excellence. Its founders’ journey from Naples to London, driven by a dream to share their homeland’s flavours, is evident in every bite. Celebrating a decade in business, Cinquecento continues to charm its visitors, proving that genuine Neapolitan pizza is timeless.

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