Dishoom Carnaby

Dishoom Carnaby

Where Bombay’s Heart Beats in London


Dishoom Carnaby is an emblematic jewel in the midst of London’s illustrious Carnaby Street. Evoking the spirit of the old Irani cafés of Bombay, it presents a delightful blend of nostalgia with contemporary flair. For several years, Dishoom Carnaby has been an unmissable spot for those who yearn for authentic Indian flavours crafted with a touch of innovation.

Situated in the pulsating heart of London’s fashion and cultural district, the location of Dishoom Carnaby is undeniably prime. A mere stroll from major transport links, its accessibility is a boon for both locals and tourists. Inside, visitors are transported to another era: the ambiance resonates with the charm of 20th-century Bombay, interspersed with elements of modern London.

Beyond its enchanting decor, the menu at Dishoom Carnaby is a symphony of bold flavours and fresh ingredients. From classic breakfast naans to lavish biryanis, every dish tells a story of age-old traditions married to modern culinary techniques. The warmth of its staff, consistent in their dedication to service, ensures that guests depart with memories as rich as the dishes they savour.

In a city teeming with dining options, Dishoom Carnaby distinguishes itself not just with its food, but by recreating a bygone culture while keeping in step with London’s vibrant pulse. A culinary journey here is not merely a meal, but an immersive experience.

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