Lucky Voice

Lucky Voice

Every Song, Every Moment, Unforgettable.


Nestled in the vibrant precincts of Soho, Lucky Voice stands as an emblem of entertainment, memories, and unmatched karaoke experiences. Since our inception in 2005, we’ve become synonymous with exhilarating nights out in cities that pulsate with energy, such as London, Brighton, and the dazzling Dubai. Our journey over the years has been nothing short of melodic, with private room karaoke bars designed to make every voice, whether a whisper or a roar, feel special.

From Bars to Home: Keeping the Melody Alive

Understanding the ever-evolving desires of our patrons, we introduced the Karaoke Machines – a quintessential tool for those times when you wish to carry the euphoria of a karaoke night right into your living room. Our vision transcends beyond just being a night-out spot. We envision a future, spanning over 2005 more years, where we remain your top pick for a night filled with music, joy, and countless memories.

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Wednesday05:00 PM03:00 AM
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