Metal Morphosis

Metal Morphosis

Where Your Piercing Vision Becomes Reality


In the busy streets of Soho, there’s a special place that captures the imagination of those who pass by: Metal Morphosis. This shop has been a part of Soho for many years, known for its stunning metal creations that are both beautiful and functional.

A Journey of Craft and Creativity!

In the pulsing heart of Soho, there’s one name synonymous with the pinnacle of piercing artistry: Metal Morphosis. A renowned presence in Soho for countless years, it has earned its reputation as the top destination for those seeking to express themselves through unique and expertly placed piercings.

Discover a New You at Metal Morphosis!

Venturing into Metal Morphosis, you’re immediately met with an atmosphere of professionalism blended with a passion for body art. They specialise in a variety of nose piercings, with the upper nostril piercings, nostril piercings, and septum piercings being among the most sought after. Every piercer at Metal Morphosis is highly trained, ensuring that every piercing is not only aesthetically pleasing but also executed with utmost care and hygiene. Understanding that each individual is unique, they offer personalised consultations, helping clients choose the piercing that best suits their style and personality. Positioned perfectly in Soho, the parlour is not just a place to get a piercing but a haven where art meets individuality. For those ready to embark on a new journey of self-expression, booking an appointment at Metal Morphosis is the first step.

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