Nightjar Carnaby

Nightjar Carnaby

Speakeasy Vibes in London's Style Capital


Tucked discreetly in the spirited heart of Carnaby, Nightjar Carnaby whispers tales of a bygone era, blending vintage charm with London’s contemporary pulse. This speakeasy-inspired venue stands as a beacon for cocktail connoisseurs and music aficionados alike, promising evenings drenched in sophistication and nostalgia.

As patrons step through its doors, the ambient melodies of jazz and blues cradle them, echoing the golden age of the Roaring Twenties. The meticulously curated interior, adorned with art deco flourishes and soft, dim lighting, transports one effortlessly to an age where flappers danced and the world overflowed with zest.

Yet, it’s the cocktail menu at Nightjar Carnaby that truly shines. Each drink, a delicate artwork, reflects a profound understanding of mixology, infusing traditional spirits with avant-garde ingredients. From age-old classics to inventive concoctions, every sip here tells a story, a journey through time and taste.

To accompany the libations, live music performances further elevate the Nightjar experience. Jazz bands, blues artists, and vintage DJ sets resonate in harmonious symphony, ensuring a captivating, sensorial escapade.

In a bustling city that never sleeps, Nightjar Carnaby stands out, offering Londoners and visitors an intimate retreat, where the past romances the present in a dance of taste, sound, and atmosphere.

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Monday06:00 PM01:00 AM
Tuesday06:00 PM01:00 AM
Wednesday06:00 PM01:00 AM
Thursday06:00 PM01:00 AM
Friday06:00 PM02:00 AM
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