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Odelay Films

Where Every Frame Tells a Tale.


Odelay Films stands as a testament to the relentless spirit of cinematic action in the heart of Soho. There’s an art to the film that can’t be boxed into set patterns; it’s fluid, dynamic, and every nuance is unique. This notion resonates at the very core of Odelay’s operations. Their commitment is to mould every narrative, every frame with unparalleled creativity and unmatched expertise in production.

From dramatic car explosions using flame throwers to serene helicopter shots over Buckingham Palace, from mysterious underwater sequences in the Caribbean to crafting the tiniest sandwich, Odelay turns the impossible into a cinematic reality. Their approach mirrors that of artisans, balancing bold ambition with a touch of imaginative flair.

Opening Doors to Diverse Creativity

Odelay’s mission transcends mere film production. Their aim is to be industry catalysts, bridging gaps and unlocking opportunities, especially where they’re few and far between. This is evident in their unwavering support for the Creative Mentorship Network and their pioneering venture, The Production Trust, initiated in 2018. A testament to their commitment to enhancing diversity within the world of production.

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