Olives and Meze 

Olives and Meze 

A Mediterranean Oasis in London's Heart


Olives and Meze Soho, located in the vibrant heart of London’s iconic Soho district, is a delightful ode to Mediterranean flavours. Having served patrons for over a decade, this dining establishment is a cherished gem in the city’s expansive culinary landscape. Best known for its tantalising mezes and an exquisite selection of olives from the Mediterranean’s sun-kissed regions, the restaurant ensures every meal is a journey through the historic coasts and lands of the Mediterranean.

The strategic location of Olives and Meze Soho makes it an easily accessible spot, drawing both locals and tourists in equal measure. As one steps into the eatery, the rich aromas of spices, fresh herbs, and slow-cooked dishes greet you, promising an unforgettable dining experience. Commuting is a breeze, given the multitude of transport options that Soho offers, making it uncomplicated for diners to find their way.

Apart from its signature mezes and olives, the restaurant takes pride in a curated menu of traditional dishes, reinvented with a contemporary touch. The ambience exudes warmth, with rustic decor elements evoking memories of Mediterranean taverns. Add to that a wine list featuring the finest from European vineyards, and you have the perfect backdrop for a memorable evening.

For those seeking a taste of the Mediterranean in the heart of London, Olives and Meze Soho is the go-to destination.

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