Red Wing Shoe

Red Wing Shoe

Where Legacy Meets Every Footstep.


In the heart of Carnaby’s Newburgh Street stands a Famous Shoe store full of tradition and quality – the Red Wing Shoe Store. With roots tracing back to the picturesque town of Red Wing, Minnesota in 1905, this family-owned establishment has etched an indelible mark in the world of premium footwear. Their journey has been nothing short of remarkable, from the introduction of the iconic ‘Gloria’, their maiden women’s boot in 1926, to the birth of the timeless 877 Moc Toe in 1952. Their acquisition of S.B. Foot Tanning Company in 1987 further amplified their commitment to excellence.

Heritage, Pride and Purpose in Every Pair

Red Wing Heritage doesn’t just sell shoes; it offers an experience steeped in history and commitment. Their signature footwear isn’t merely a testament to traditional construction but also a nod to timeless design. Whether you’re donning a pair of their classic boots or their contemporary pieces, you’re wearing a fragment of history, meticulously crafted with dedication. This unwavering passion reflects in the enduring quality of their products, making each pair a cherished possession.

Beyond their exquisite collection, the Red Wing Shoe Store takes immense pride in catering to its valued clientele through in-house repair services. Such attention to detail and care ensures that your beloved Red Wings stand the test of time, mirroring the brand’s legacy.

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