Sussex Bar & Restaurant

Sussex Bar & Restaurant

A Celebration of Local & Wild Flavours


Nestled in the bustling streets of London, Sussex Bar & Restaurant stands as an elegant showcase of the ‘Local & Wild’ concept. This establishment captures the essence of a brasserie-style dining experience, offering a menu that is both unique and adventurous. At Sussex, guests are invited to explore a world of flavours, featuring signature dishes like wild game wellingtons and Squirrel tortellini – each a testament to the kitchen’s creativity and commitment to sourcing wild and local ingredients.

The dining experience at Sussex is not just about the food; it’s also a journey through a meticulously curated wine selection. Richard, the mastermind behind the wine list, ensures that each bottle complements the bold and innovative dishes. This attention to detail and quality has made Sussex a cherished destination for wine enthusiasts.

Sundays at Sussex: A Feast of Tradition and Taste

Sundays at Sussex are a special affair, designed for leisurely lunches and the simple joys of good food and company. These gatherings are characterised by an array of delectable options, from Bloody Mary’s to perfectly crispy roast potatoes. The highlight, however, is the succulent cuts of meat, sourced directly from Sussex and surrounding areas. Guests can indulge in rich flavours, like the rib of beef or the Somerset Saxon Chickens, each dish reflecting the restaurant’s dedication to local produce and traditional British cuisine.

Sussex Bar & Restaurant is more than just a dining venue; it’s a place where the love for local and wild ingredients is celebrated in every dish. It’s a haven for those who appreciate the finer things in life: great food, exquisite wine, and the warm, inviting atmosphere of a London brasserie.

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