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In the bustling district of Soho, Tonkotsu holds a coveted spot as a cherished ramen bar that brings the authentic taste of Japanese cuisine to London. Launched in 2012, Tonkotsu has quickly become a standout feature in the London food scene.

Conveniently located near Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square tube stations, Tonkotsu provides a welcoming spot for locals and tourists seeking a taste of authentic Japanese ramen in the city. Whether you’re looking for a quick lunch, a relaxed dinner, or a late-night meal, Tonkotsu is the place to be.

Tonkotsu’s star attraction is its signature ramen, made from scratch with a meticulous process that takes up to 18 hours to perfect. The rich, creamy broth paired with thin, straight noodles and topped with a variety of ingredients offers a bowl of comfort and warmth, a true taste of Japan.

With its casual, yet stylish atmosphere and commitment to authenticity, Tonkotsu continues to delight guests with its irresistible Japanese offerings. As a crucial part of the Soho dining scene, Tonkotsu ensures a unique dining experience for every visitor.

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