Whittard of Chelsea

Whittard of Chelsea

Every Sip a New Adventure


Whittard of Chelsea, a prestigious British retailer, has been serving high-quality tea, coffee, and cocoa to enthusiasts for over 135 years. Located conveniently on Oxford Street, the Whittard store offers an array of aromatic delights in the heart of bustling London.

Whittard’s main distinguishing feature is its commitment to exceptional quality and variety. The store’s unique selling point is its wide selection of over 100 types of loose-leaf tea, gourmet coffee blends, and luxury hot chocolate flavours, catering to all palates and preferences.

In addition to its expansive range, Whittard offers expert advice to help customers discover their perfect brew. Whether you are a tea connoisseur, a coffee lover, or a hot chocolate fan, Whittard’s friendly staff will guide you through their remarkable selection, guaranteeing a satisfying shopping experience.

Step into Whittard of Chelsea on Oxford Street for an olfactory journey that will introduce you to new flavours and reacquaint you with old favourites.

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