Heading to the O2 for PDC darts? Why you’ll want to stop off in Soho

The O2 has quickly become the premier destination for some of the biggest darts matches on the planet in recent years. London was already something of a hub for fans across the south, but the PDC finals never failed to drum up the crowds.

If you’ve booked your tickets to see the latest PDC matches at the O2 and fancy doing some sightseeing nearby, there are plenty of great reasons to check out Soho. You’re less than an hour away on the tube, which is a great start!

Here are some Soho haunts and hotspots you might want to make a beeline for if you’re in the city for darts any time soon.

Make it a classy escape at Bar Termini

The hustle and bustle of the darts crowds can get a little overwhelming sometimes, but ask any fan of the sport, and they’ll tell you that’s part of the appeal! However, if you want to take a break away from the crowds and settle down for some classy cocktails in Soho, there are few better haunts than Bar Termini.

Bar Termini is a stylish, Italian cocktail lounge and charcuterie, serving a range of tasty menus until late night. If you and a group of fellow darts enthusiasts want to make it a private affair, there’s a much-recommended private room available for hire.

We highly recommend Bar Termini to anyone who’s staying in Soho or exploring nearby areas. It offers enough versatility to welcome people stopping for one or two drinks as well as small groups looking for a bite to eat. It’s a delicious, high-class pre-event hotspot.

Make it an entertaining evening

Who says entertainment needs to start and end at the darts? Soho’s legendary Curzon cinema on Shaftesbury Avenue serves up more than just your average night at the pictures. In fact, if you time it right, you might catch a film discussion or even a Q&A session with some big names in the business.

For the last 60 years, Soho’s Curzon has welcomed people from all over the city — whether they’re looking for blockbusters or arthouse classics. If you want to fill your visit to London with culture as much as sporting action, you can do far worse than popping in to watch a movie or two before you set off for the O2.

Given that Curzon is always pretty popular with Soho folks, it’s a good idea to start booking your tickets ahead of time, and to check what the rest of your group would like to go see before you hop on the tube.

Set sail from The Ship

If you’re staying in Soho and getting the tube to the O2, we seriously recommend you kick off your evening at The Ship, which is just one of many traditional pubs in the area that are popular with locals and tourists.

The Ship is a superb launching point for all kinds of nights out thanks to its variety of music and drinks on the menu. If you’re looking for something a little more laid back than Bar Termini and are just as big a music fan as you are of darts action, start or end your evening here.

Live in luxury for a little while

When you’re eager to get going to the latest PDC matches, the last thing you want to worry about is where you’re stopping overnight. You don’t have to book around the O2 if you’d prefer to spend a day or two exploring Soho, either.

We seriously recommend checking out Berwick Street’s fabulous and modern Q Apartments, which have been welcoming guests since 1996. Choose from one of hundreds of luxury apartments to head back to after the darts and worry less about getting some shuteye.

Despite Soho’s nightlife being some of the most buzzing at this end of the city, you’ll easily drift off here after a night of darts fever.

Start planning your visit

Soho’s brightest and best establishments are open all year round to welcome those on their way to the O2. Darts fans should, of course, keep an eye on the schedule of upcoming headline matches in the PDC before booking their trip. Our website provides further details of hotels, restaurants and other hotspots you may want to visit during your stay in the capital.

While planning ahead is an excellent idea, some of the best nights out in Soho happen completely by accident. You never know — you might just find a new favourite haunt or two as you explore our vibrant corner of the city.

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