A New Landmark in Soho: Introducing Ilona Rose House

Situated in the heart of the vibrant neighbourhood of Soho is the gleaming Ilona Rose House, a sparkling new addition that has redefined the landscape. What was once a historic block known as James Court has been transformed into a remarkable architectural marvel. What makes this edifice exceptional? Let’s embark on a journey to explore the depths of this mesmerising structure.

History and Planning the New Landmark

Before this modern marvel could rise, there were several critical steps to overcome. In September 2016, planning permission was finally granted for the construction of Ilona Rose House, opening the doors for the creation of a 300,000 sq ft mixed-use development.

This innovative project required not just the creation of new structures but also the careful preservation of existing historic buildings. After two years of meticulous construction, the Ilona Rose House officially opened its doors in September 2021. It’s a testament to how the old and new can harmoniously coexist, shaping Soho’s unique identity.

Detailed Breakdown: The Architectural Component

Central to the Ilona Rose House is its extensive office space. Across eight floors, prime Soho working space is provided, replete with garden terraces dedicated to each floor. Level eight serves as the new Headquarters for Soho Estates, further solidifying its role as a business hub in the area.

The development has also reimagined public spaces. The formation of James Court, a café and restaurant-lined mews linking Manette Street to Greek Street, is a prime example. Providing both al fresco dining and a focal point for visitors, this mews is home to the Australian café and restaurant Milk Beach, and the Israeli restaurant Kapara.

The Subterranean Creative Space

Perhaps one of the most unique features of the Ilona Rose House is its subterranean levels. These three levels house creative office and post-production spaces, with Warner Brothers De Lane Lea having taken up a substantial 30,000 square feet for their London post-production facility.

Honouring Heritage: 14 Greek Street

On the Soho side of the development, 14 Greek Street, a Grade II listed building, has been protected and carefully restored. This decision pays homage to the rich history of Soho while integrating it into a new, modern narrative. The façade of the neighbouring 12-13 Greek Street has also been retained, housing eight affordable flats behind it.

Who Resides at Ilona Rose House?

Ilona Rose House, with its diverse offerings, has attracted a broad range of tenants. In addition to Soho Estates and Warner Brothers De Lane Lea, the space is also occupied by Dawn Capital, Skyscanner, and Planet Payments. These companies not only enhance the diversity of the space but also contribute to its reputation as a thriving business hub.

Impact and Significance to Soho

Since its inception, Ilona Rose House has become a significant landmark in Soho. It’s not merely a structure; it’s a destination – for businesses, residents, and visitors alike. It has become a cornerstone for Soho’s continual growth, injecting life and vibrancy into the neighbourhood.

Projections for the Future

Looking ahead, Ilona Rose House’s future appears bright. Its prime location in Soho, alongside its appealing variety of uses, make it an attractive destination for many. Given its current popularity, we can confidently project that Ilona Rose House will continue to attract more tenants, visitors, and admirers, further solidifying its status as a defining feature of Soho.


Ultimately, Ilona Rose House is an embodiment of Soho’s spirit – a seamless fusion of history, modernity, and culture. Whether you’re a visitor exploring the eclectic dining options, a professional working in one of the state-of-the-art offices, or an admirer appreciating the architectural artistry, Ilona Rose House is a testament to the rich tapestry of Soho. So, next time you’re in the neighbourhood, why not explore this magnificent marvel?


  1. When was Ilona Rose House officially opened? Ilona Rose House officially opened in September 2021.
  2. What’s unique about the Ilona Rose House’s construction? It combines new construction with the careful restoration of historic buildings.
  3. Who are some of the tenants at Ilona Rose House? Tenants include Soho Estates, Warner Brothers De Lane Lea, Dawn Capital, and Skyscanner.
  4. What does the future hold for Ilona Rose House? It’s projected to attract more tenants and visitors, boosting its popularity.
  5. What is the importance of Ilona Rose House to Soho? It’s a significant landmark, contributing to Soho’s growth and vibrancy.

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